Installation and Repair

Installation and Repair

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How to Write an Installation & Repair Resume Work Experience Section

A standard resume typically consists of multiple sections, including a short education section, a list of qualifications or skills and a work history. An installation & repair resume work experience section focuses specifically on the jobs you had within this industry. Employers and hiring managers will always look to this section first as a way to gauge the amount of experience you have and to determine whether or not you need any additional training.

What to Include in an Installation & Repair Resume Work Experience Section

Most employers want a list of your three most recent jobs, but try not to go over one page, and Don’t go back more than 20 years. While you may want to describe some of your duties and responsibilities, it’s important that you also talk about the things you achieved on the job and which accomplishments you’re most proud of.

Discuss your proficiency with specific tools, or highlight ways that you have approached various problems or repairs. Also, be sure to quantify your experiences by discussing the value of the projects you worked on, improvements to delivery time or the number of customers you served.

How to Format an Installation & Repair Resume Work Experience Section

Start your installation & repair resume work experience section with your most recent job and work your way back in reverse chronological order. The first and second lines should list the job title you had, the dates you were employed, the name of the employer and the location where you worked.

Hiring managers want to know whether or not you have a long history of staying with the same company. You will also want to use some bullet points instead of paragraphs to make a list of accomplishments, achievements and job responsibilities. Aim for 5-8 bullet points for each job, and start each one with a strong action verb instead of generic language like “responsibilities included” or “accountable for.”

Consider the following example of an installation & repair work experience section before you sit down to tackle your own. Note that all past jobs should be written in past tense.

Example of an Installation & Repair Resume Work Experience Section

Professional Work Experience
Satellite Technician, May 2012 to January 2016
DISH Network – Los Angeles, CA

  • Visited customers’ homes to install new products and help them better understand the services rendered.
  • Maintained a clean driving record free of any accidents while driving company trucks more than 500 miles every week.
  • Completed between five and 12 service calls every day.
  • Informed customers of new services and products available to get them better connections.
  • Repaired and installed items ranging from routers and modems to satellite dishes and new wiring.


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