Installation and Repair

Installation and Repair

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How to Write an Installation & Repair Resume Objective

In the past, an installation & repair resume objective was a required introduction to the entire document, highlighting what’s to come in the applicant’s career and giving readers a reason to carefully review each section. Today, the objective is seen as completely unnecessary because it only relates to employers what they already know: you want a job. Take the time instead to learn the new way of writing a resume summary by checking out the differences between the two below.

How to Write an Installation & Repair Resume Objective

An installation & repair resume objective is future-oriented, giving employers the outlook you have for your career. This may have been a key to conveying your aspirations, but it shouldn’t be used today unless you are changing industries, entering at entry-level, or seeking a promotion with more responsibilities. These usually include where you currently are in your career and education and end with where you want to be. Here are some samples:

  • Seeking employment as a CCTV Technician to utilize my history in real estate development, installing camera and access control systems to maximize security and safety in various neighborhoods. Would like to apply my work with government and private agencies in the design and implementation of CCTV, fire alarms and other integrated systems.
  • Would like to be an installation and repair technician, using my own truck and basic hand tools or meters necessary to implement DSL inspections and standard res/bus pots. I would like to maintain, test, clear and locate faults from buried, aerial and submerged wire or cable and communicate what needs to be done.

How to Write an Installation & Repair Resume Summary Statement

Unlike an installation & repair resume objective, the summary gives you the opportunity to sell your best employment and skills highlights in about a 30-second sales pitch at the top of your resume. It should be no longer than four to six lines long and only include relevant major skills, employment history, and any soft skills or personality traits that would be valuable to an employer.

Sentence fragments are okay, but make sure to take out all pronouns. Take a look at the sample below:

Example of an Installation & Repair Resume Objective

Former National Guard Signal Support Systems Specialist adept at ensuring information flows smoothly and securely. Provided technical support to users of signal equipment, as well as trained users in operation of equipment. History of preventative maintenance and services will be useful to the integration of networks and systems, unit-level maintenance, and securing radio and data distribution systems.

These samples are a great jumping off point for learning how to write an installation and repair resume summary for almost any position in the industry. it’s simply a matter of knowing how to highlight what makes you the best candidate with the required technical and interpersonal skills.


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