Installation and Repair

Installation and Repair

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How to Write an Installation & Repair Resume Skills Section

An installation & repair resume skills section consists of several bullet points that describe some of your previous experiences and the type of skills that you consider to be assets. While not always used on a resume, this section lets you show hiring managers that while you may have less experience than other applicants, you have all the skills they desire. You can include one of these sections on your resume or describe your qualifications in other areas.

Should You Include a Skills Section in Your Installation & Repair Resume

While a skills section isn’t required on an installation & repair resume, this section is a good way to explain what sets you apart from others applying for the same job. It also lets you incorporate skills you picked up in college, high school or while doing volunteer work, which you may not necessarily include on your resume. If you find that you have a hard time creating a short list of skills, feel free to leave off this section. It’s usually best to include one if the job posting lists a set of required skills that you did not develop while in your most recent jobs.

What to Include in an Installation & Repair Resume Skills Section

The top skills to include in an installation & repair resume skills section include those that will assist you when you begin working. You might use your work experience sections as a way to focus more on the key duties you did and any awards you received from your employers. The skills section should be relevant and should include short phrases without periods. You should list 3-4 items per column, but no more than 8. While the skills you use vary from job to job, the top ones that relate to installation and repair jobs include:

  • A valid and current driver’s license in your state and auto insurance
  • Familiarity with the tools of the job, including technology equipment like routers and modems
  • Customer service skills
  • A strong understanding of the products you would repair and install
  • Any sales experience you might have

Go over the following example before writing your skills section for your installation & repair resume. Make sure you use bullet points and a bold header.

Example of an Installation & Repair Resume Skills Section

Professional Skills

  • Clean driving record in California and valid insurance
  • Comfort working with people of different cultures and backgrounds
  • Knowledge of modems, routers, electrical wiring systems and other products
  • Experience using hand tools and other power tools on the job
  • Customer service oriented with knowledge of suggestive sales methods


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