Installation and Repair

Installation and Repair

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How to Write an Installation & Repair Resume Summary Statement

The general consensus among hiring managers and career counselors is that the resume objective should be put to rest permanently and replaced by the resume summary statement. The resume summary statement is designed to be a clear description of a candidate’s career successes and capabilities. In the field of installation & repair, it’s a great way to quickly let the reader know you understand safety, know your field and understand the value of quality customer service.

What to Include in an Installation & Repair Resume Summary Statement

To write a summary statement, find accomplishments that best highlight abilities. Choose which experiences, characteristics and skills are most appreciated in your target job. An installation & repair industry summary needs to distinguish your talents in telecommunications, electromechanical field services, copier and printer maintenance or other fields. It also means establishing your dependability, showing that you provide a high level of customer service. Your statement may vary depending on your work experience.

How to Format an Installation & Repair Resume Summary Statement

Your resume summary statement should be written in paragraph form, but you need to avoid first person. For this reason, it’s acceptable to write in sentence fragments.

Remember, though, that it’s not a list of skills, achievements or tasks. it’s a breakdown of what makes you the best installation & repair candidate and demonstrates your potential to do far more, such as recommending cost-effective and appropriate services, having positive customer and employer frontline management relations, or being the top seller of accessory products and services.

Tips for Writing an Installation & Repair Resume Summary Statement

  • The statement should be directly below your contact information.
  • Instead of calling it Resume Summary Statement, call it Installation & Repair Summary.
  • It should be no more than three to five sentences and four to six lines of text.
  • Write it after completing all other sections of the resume so you’ll have a better idea of what your summary should look like.
  • Make sure you hit selling points: technical proficiency, customer service, etc. Use your resume, the job description and industry knowledge to describe, identify and refine these selling points.
Example of an Installation & Repair Resume Summary Statement

Residential Install and Service Technician who consistently exceeds expectations in processes involving broadband installation and troubleshooting. Trainer of over 45 new hires, more than any other tech, with highest retention rate of trained hires. Consistently obtaining all required certifications, training and safety qualifications to ensure strong knowledge in the latest tech, tools and resources.


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