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How to Write an IT Resume Education Section

The field of IT is one of the most academically inclined in the technology industry, so the education section of a resume is even more important to IT job candidates than the general applicant pool. Your education section lists your degrees and other educational experiences in order to show hiring managers your level of technical competency.

Long after graduation, your degrees remain a valid indicator of your proficiency and training as an IT professional, which makes learning how to write an IT resume education section essential to landing the job you want.

What to Include in an IT Resume Education Section

When it comes to how to write an education section, build a reverse chronological listing of your IT degrees, other relevant degrees and related educational experiences in the IT field. Do not include your GPA or graduation date if you have been out of IT school and working as a professional for a while, as this information could actually work against you.

Do include degrees you have not yet finished, especially if they are in IT or a closely related field, since employers are also interested in partially completed education. Simply list the date you expect to complete your IT degree along with the most influential courses you took while attending school.

If you have a couple of licenses or training experiences related to the IT field, but not enough to warrant a separate certifications and training section, you can include them in the education section.

How to Format an IT Resume Education Section

The proper placement of your education section is underneath your work experience section if you are an experienced IT job candidate. If you have recently graduated with your IT degree, it is better to place your education section above your work experience section, where hiring managers will notice it first.

Begin your education section by listing the name of your degree, followed by institutional information, graduation date if recent and specific course information. You can also include any honors you have obtained within the IT field of study as well as any major technical projects you worked on while studying at your institution. Include specific classes if they hold relevance to the job you are applying for, such as a customer relations class for someone who is applying for a job in IT support.

Example of an IT Resume Education Section

Consider the following example when learning how to write an IT resume education section of your own.Master of Arts in Information Technology, Bilden University, St. Paul, MinnesotaSumma cum laude, IT Student Honors SocietyProjects: Project manager for integrating new security systems throughout the universityBachelor of Arts in Information Technology, Minnesota State College, St. Paul, MinnesotaMagna cum laude, Student Honors Society MemberClasses: Introduction to Integrated Technology, Information Statistics, Managing Information SystemsAssociate in Arts, St. Paul Community College, St. Paul, MinnesotaCum laude, Student IT Interest Group, Junior IT Certification


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