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How to Write an IT Resume Honors and Awards Section

While it’s not a necessity to include this section in every resume, an honors and awards section can be useful in some cases. Since hiring decision makers are always on the lookout for the best and brightest to bring on board, earning distinction in the IT field can set you apart from other job applicants.

Adding this section will also give you a chance to talk about the major career accomplishments that lead to your recognition. Since past honors and awards can make you a stronger job candidate, it is worthwhile to know how to write an IT resume honors and awards section.

Should You Include an IT Resume Honors and Awards Section?

As mentioned earlier, not everyone will need to include this section on their resume. However, you should include this section if you have three or more IT-related awards to speak of. For example, if you’ve won multiple company and industry awards for your work as an IT engineer, you would create an honors and awards section to showcase them. If you have only one or two awards, then you won’t need to create a whole section for it. You can add them under the experience section instead with the job it pertains to.

How to Format an IT Resume Honors and Awards Section

A part of knowing know how to write an IT resume honors and awards section is knowing how to properly format it. Insert this section above experience so that you’ll be featuring it prominently for the hiring manager to see. List your awards with bullet points. There should be at least three bullets in the section. Briefly talk about the achievement, award, honor, promotion, supervisory experience, etc. on each line.

Metric data is great to include. An example if this is if you reduced threats from malicious network attacks by 85 percent. Only include awards in this section that relate to the job that you’re applying to. Remember, the purpose of a resume is to sell your assets to the job recruiter. Dates, company names and any other pertinent details should be included.

Example of an IT Resume Honors and Awards Section
  • IT Industry Award 2005: Young IT Professional of the Year for development of key solutions in preventing network hijacking.
  • Women in IT Award 2006 for distinction in creating systems management software that prevents system attacks.
  • IT Industry Award 2007: Most distinguished IT Engineer for demonstrating outstanding leadership in the IT field.
  • California IT Industry Award 2008: Software Security Innovation for improving on existing software security software to make it compatible with a wider variety of systems.
  • Employee of the Year Award 2008, XYZ Management Systems for demonstrating outstanding leadership as Lead IT Director.


Including your career-related recognition will make your resume stand out among the rest in this competitive job environment. If you found this information on how to write an IT resume honors and awards section useful, then try MyPerfectResume’s Resume Builder to create a standout, professional resume in minutes.