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How to Write an IT Resume Objective

A resume objective is an assertion that you’re seeking a position that’s available from a particular employer and that you’re the most qualified candidate for that job. The obvious nature of this statement is one of the reasons why the standard resume objective is almost universally considered obsolete. Its replacement, the resume summary statement, serves as a more substantive introduction for a potential employer coming across your resume.

How You Used to Write an IT Resume Objective

When you used to write an IT resume objective, you would state that you’re seeking a position with that particular employer, which means you’re telling the employer something they already know. The drawback of an IT resume objective, or any resume objective, written from this perspective is the emphasis on your abilities rather than what you’d bring to the job. These are good for entry-level candidates, promotion-seekers, and those entering a different industry.

Consider the following examples of IT resume objectives to see how such introductions were previous written:

  • Seeking a position as a software tester. Drawing from an extensive knowledge of software development and analysis. Looking to become a valuable team player while applying knowledge of emerging industry trends.
  • Looking to apply extensive technical and management skills in the IT department. Proven ability to implement innovative ideas while overseeing the work of others in a fast-paced setting to ensure that high quality standards are adhered to and implemented.

How to Write an IT Resume Summary Statement

The terms “objective” and “statement” are not interchangeable. An IT resume summary statement provides one or two clear examples of your experience, giving the reader a 30-second sales pitch that should compel them to keep reading the rest of your resume beyond the initial paragraph.

An IT resume summary statement is often recommended for candidates with extensive experience that needs to be summarized in a tidy paragraph or different work experiences that should be tied together to show why you’d make an ideal candidate for the job you wish to obtain. It should be four to six lines long and provide an overview of your experience, a few major skill sets that are job-specific qualifications, and soft traits. Sentence fragments can also be used to cut down on wordiness, and all pronouns should be left out.

An effective IT resume statement looks like this:

IT Coordinator with more than ten years of experience. Versatile, decisive leader who has successfully coordinated the upkeep and upgrading of sophisticated corporate computer networks by taking proactive steps to keep such systems functioning. Ability to manage and oversee a large IT staff spanning multiple offices while ensuring responsive service and routinely completing tasks on time and within or under allocated budgets.


Now that you know how to craft an effective IT resume objective, it’s time to incorporate it into the rest of your resume. If you need some help putting it all together, take advantage of MyPerfectResume’s Resume Builder tool to create a standout, professional resume in minutes.