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How to Write an IT Resume Summary Statement

In the past, a resume objective was needed and usually found at the top of a resume as a way to let employers know an applicant was applying for a job; however, they have become outdated. In its place is a resume summary statement, which is gives an overview of what a recruiter can expect to see on your resume. Writing an IT resume summary statement is important when crafting an resume, because it also talks a little about the skills you have to offer.

What to Include in an IT Resume Summary Statement

When thinking about how to write an IT resume summary statement, you need to focus on the overall content. In brief sentences, you need to put your level of experience and give an idea of what skills you have gained during your past employment. In an IT resume, you need to include hard skills that can be proven, such as computer knowledge, knowledge of particular software, and any type of networking experience you have.

You should also include some soft skills, such as customer service experience and teamwork. Do not forget the information you provide in a summary statement will vary depending on experience and certifications you have gained over the course of your career.

How to Format an IT Resume Summary Statement

Normally, when you decide how to write an IT resume summary statement, you also need to think about format. Generally, resume summary statements are three to four sentences long. They begin with your experience, then lead onto your skills. The top of the resume is where you’ll want to place your summary statement. You can include a header if you would like in order to indicate that this is where a recruiter can see this information.

Tips for Writing an IT Resume Summary Statement

Here are some tips on how to write an IT resume summary statement:

  • Keep your sentences short and concise.
  • Make sure to use strong, active words and not passive ones (ones written in first person).
  • Use third person instead of first person.
  • Really sell yourself. This is where a recruiter will decide if they want to continue or not, so make your summary statement as attractive as possible.
Example of an IT Resume Summary Statement

If you are still wondering how to write an IT resume summary statement, here is an example you can use as a guide for your current IT resume:

Ten years of project management experience in software implementation and network security. Proven track record of successfully managing medium to large projects from beginning to end. Knowledgeable of the most current industry practices and management techniques. As you can see, this statement shows the level of experience, and also briefly discusses a few professional skills and abilities that are pertinent to the job. Of course, the summary statement is likely to vary depending on the job type and as well as the overall qualifications that are required.


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