Law Enforcement & Security

Law Enforcement & Security

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How to Write a Law Enforcement & Security Resume Education Section

A successful resume must include an education section that shows whether you attended college or graduated from high school. While you may not think that you need a law enforcement & security resume education section, this section shows managers that you have a commitment to your education and that you took courses in your field. This section should include any type of education you have.

What to Include in a Law Enforcement & Security Resume Education Section

The information that you include in the education section really depends on the type of education that you have. If you have just a high school diploma, you’ll want to list your grade point average, membership you had in any clubs and some of the classes you took.

Many law and security professionals have additional education through a local police academy. You can even include any specialized training you might have, including going through an apprehension training program or a bond enforcement program. Employers will also want to know whether you have any special certifications or licenses, including a permit to carry a concealed weapon.

How to Format a Law Enforcement & Security Resume Education Section

The education section generally goes at the bottom of the resume, but if you are new to the field and have little experience, you may want to move this to the top of the page. After placing a header at the top of the section, you need to list the name of your degree or the type of program you completed and the year you finished (if recent) in the first line, with the name of the school and its location in the next line.

Hiring managers also look for resumes that feature bullet points underneath that list details about your education. You can list your grade point average if you’re a recent graduate, the classes you took, where you graduated within your class and even if you gained any certification through the school. If you have a lot to list, start with the most recent and continue backwards from there.

Example of a Law Enforcement & Security Resume Education Section

The following example shows what a law enforcement & security resume education section looks like.EducationPolice Training Program, 2015New Cityland Cadet Academy-New Cityland, CA

  • Successfully passed the physical, psychological and emotional testing required of all cadets
  • Received honors for work performed on the firing range
  • Chosen as one of the top cadets of the graduating classBounty Hunting Training Program, 2012New Cityland Bounty Hunters, Inc. – New Cityland, CA
  • Completed coursework in licensing, bonds and criminal apprehension
  • Graduated at the top of the class
  • Successfully received a license to act as a criminal apprehension agent in California


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