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Law Enforcement & Security

Law Enforcement & Security

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How to Write a Law Enforcement & Security Resume References Section

Using professional references in a law enforcement & security resume was mandatory in the days when employers couldn’t do background checks online. As they can now learn more about your personal and professional lives online, you can usually get by without a references section. However, certain jobs and situations may require that you include the names, addresses and phone numbers of former employers and coworkers.

When Should You Include Professional References in a Law Enforcement & Security Resume

It’s always smart to gather together a list of at least three professional references when you apply for a job that asks for references upfront. Many employers will now ask that you bring those references in with you when you reach the interview phase. You should also include references in a law enforcement & security resume when you have experience working with major players in the field.

If you worked with the owner of a major security firm, the chief of police or the head of a government agency, always put those individuals on your resume. Security and law enforcement companies may hire you simply because of the connections you have.

How to Include Professional References in a Law Enforcement & Security Resume

If necessary, you should include a complete list of references right on your resume. Formatting this section starts with the name of your reference, his or her job title on the second line, employer’s name, employer’s address, an email address and then a phone number.

You can use a home number, cell number or an office number. You do not need to include a short line at the bottom of your resume stating “References Available Upon Request.” This is already generally understood and takes up valuable space on your resume.

Example of Professional References in a Law Enforcement & Security Resume

Professional References
David Jones
Chief of Police
West Orange Beach Police Department
1234 City Plaza
Orange Beach, CA 13425
(555) 123-9876

Tips for Providing Professional References to a Hiring Manager

  • As hiring managers often assume that the phone number you list is for an office, you should use parenthesis to explain if it’s a home or cell phone number.
  • If you have clients or employers willing to write testimonials or letters of recommendation for you, consider submitting those in lieu of a references section.
  • Ask references who spend a lot of time away from their desks or their offices if you can list their cell phone numbers.
  • Provide your references with the names of the employers where you apply and if you apply for other jobs later.
  • The chief of police is a great reference to have on your side, but others you might list can include owners of security firms, a direct security supervisor, the head of a store’s loss prevention department or a fellow police officer.


Law enforcement and security applicants must often go through a background check to ensure they are stable and have a clean criminal record, but some jobs may ask for references to back up that background check too. Use the MyPerfectResume online resume builder to quickly show that you are a good worker, have the required skills and have references within the security and law enforcement industry.