Law Enforcement & Security

Law Enforcement & Security

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How to Write a Law Enforcement & Security Resume Work Experience Section

A law enforcement & security resume work experience section is one of the key pieces of information you must have on your resume. Not only does it state your titles and the names of your past employers, but it also highlights your accomplishments and duties associated with each position. It’s one of the first things that hiring managers look at to determine whether or not you have the necessary qualifications for the job.

What to Include in a Law Enforcement & Security Resume Work Experience Section

A good rule of thumb is to list your three most recent employers in reverse chronological order without going back further than 15 to 20 years. This shows that you have a commitment to your work while showcasing your skills on a one-page resume. While it’s fine to list a few duties under each job, you want to focus more on your accomplishments.

As a security guard or police officer, you might mention awards you won, the number of people you arrested or how you helped an business with internal theft. Be sure to use quantifiable metrics whenever possible, as this gives chiefs and managers solid data with which to gauge your skill level.

How to Format a Law Enforcement & Security Resume Work Experience Section

Start your law enforcement & security resume work experience section with an appropriate header, such as “Professional Work Experience.” Follow your introduction with a line that states your job title and the months and years you started and ended your employment.

Your second line should state the employer’s name and the location where you worked, including both city and state. In the 5-8 bullet points that follow these lines, list a combination of your duties and accomplishments. Bullets are much easier to read than paragraphs, but be sure to begin each one with a powerful action verb that conveys your work ethic and dedication.

Example of a Law Enforcement & Security Resume Work Experience Section

Whether you worked for a private security company, as a local police officer or in any other capacity, you need to know how to properly format a law enforcement & security resume work experience section. All prior jobs should be written in past tense. Here’s an example: Professional Work ExperiencesLoss Prevention Specialist, March 2010 to December 2015Walmart Corporation-New Cityland, CA

  • Taught loss prevention seminars to help employees better identify shoplifters and common scams.
  • Introduced a new digital surveillance system that caught six shoplifters within the first six months.
  • Trained a staff of more than 10 new security guards on how to identify potential thieves
  • Implemented a new program that cut down on internal theft by 20%.
  • Received a commendation from the head office for loss reduction.


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