Law Enforcement & Security

Law Enforcement & Security

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How to Write a Law Enforcement & Security Resume Objective

A law enforcement & security resume objective has been discarded over the last several years as it only provides obvious information: you want the job you’re applying for. it’s been replaced by the resume summary statement, which, if properly constructed, convinces a hiring manager you’re a viable candidate.

As opposed to making a statement about the candidate, the summary statement quickly offers critical information found in the resume. The reader immediately learns something they need to know instead of hearing what the candidate wants.

How You Used to Write a Law Enforcement & Security Resume Objective

The resume objective was used to give employers an idea of where the applicant wanted to go in their careers and why they were applying. It has become obsolete because it rarely provides the employer with new information; you want the job, and your application itself is evidence of that. These can be useful for those seeking promotions, an entry-level position, or a change of industries.

Take a look at these examples of a common law enforcement & security resume objective:

  • Looking for an opportunity to work in a fast-paced security environment with great pay. Desire to utilize 10 years of security experience to move up to management or administrative roles.
  • Bachelor’s graduate with law enforcement experience wants entry level position where there’s room for advancement. Expect a position with health benefits and education repayment plans.

How to Write a Law Enforcement & Security Resume Summary Statement

There is one critical message a law enforcement & security resume summary statement needs to make, and it’s that the candidate knows what it takes to do the job. Your resume summary statement should be written in paragraph form, demonstrate your experience, major skill sets, and include personality traits or valuable soft skills.

The law enforcement & security resume summary statement has to showcase your attributes in a 30-second sales pitch, or four to six lines of text, and should never include pronouns; instead begin with active verbs, even if this leaves you with sentence fragments. The goal is to pique the hiring manager’s interest before letting the rest of the resume prove that you’re a viable candidate.

See for yourself how this method differs from the law enforcement & security resume objective above by looking over this resume summary statement.

Armed Security Guard and former MP able to remain calm and lead in highly stressful and dangerous situations. Familiar with procedures for conducting investigations and managing security conditions using everything from complex surveillance equipment to non-lethal force.


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