Law Enforcement & Security

Law Enforcement & Security

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How to Write a Law Enforcement & Security Resume Skills Section

The skills section of your resume is designed for you to show a potential employer that you have the training and skills necessary for the position they are advertising. It is not always necessary to include this section in your resume, especially if you don’t have the required training. Whether or not you include a law enforcement & security resume skills section depends on your work history and transferable skills.

Should You Include a Skills Section in Your Law Enforcement and Security Resume

Include a law enforcement & security resume skills section if you have been trained in procedures above the normal training you would receive when you first enter law enforcement. Including a skills section is not a requirement on a resume, but it’s a good way to highlight any training you’ve had beyond what the average law enforcement and security officer would receive. Just be sure your skills are relevant to the position. By providing details that employers are looking for, you will help the hiring manager make a decision more quickly.

What to Include in a Law Enforcement & Security Resume Skills Section

You can include things like time spent in the police academy or any advanced security training you received in your previous positions. Any awards or recognition should be included in a separate section with the appropriate heading. Here are a few examples of skills that should be included in a law enforcement & security skills resume section:

  • Crisis Communications
  • Hostage Negotiation
  • Internal Investigations
  • Field Training Officer
  • Public Relations
Example of a Law Enforcement & Security Resume Skills Section

Professional fitness trainer with strong customer service background and the ability to work overtime to meet the needs of all customers. Some experience in the management of facilities and employees, working with customers to identify their needs and doing light cleaning around the facility as needed.


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