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How to Write a Legal Resume Objective

If you are seeking a position in the legal sector, you may be interested in learning how to write a legal resume objective, since it’s been a required addition for such a long time. However, the resume objective was a section of the resume that was once considered important but has now been widely replaced by the resume summary. The legal resume objective focused on the career goals of the applicant, and a summary statement is more concerned with what the applicant can contribute to the company.

How You Used to Write a Legal Resume Objective

Even though you are better off writing a summary statement nowadays, it’s still worth noting how to write a legal resume objective, especially if you’re seeking entry-level employment, a promotion, or changing industries. This was the section of the resume that explained what type of position you were seeking and why you were a good match for it. You would mention the type of position you wanted, referring to some of the experience and skills that showed you were qualified for the job. The following are two illustrations on how to write a legal resume objective.

  • To obtain a lawyer position with Company X requiring thorough knowledge and experience of court proceedings, business strategies and government regulations and that allows for career advancement.
  • Seeking a paralegal position with company that values a candidate with more than ten years of experience with strong analytical and research skills to help both attorneys and clients with research and litigation.

How to Write a Legal Summary Statement

It’s now better to focus on creating a good legal summary statement rather than worrying about how to write a legal resume objective. The summary statement emphasizes your skills and experience and should be looked at as a 30-second sales pitch. There is no need to spell out your objectives, as the hiring manager can assume you’re interested in obtaining the position to which you’re applying.

A legal summary statement should be concise, no more than four to six lines, can include sentence fragments, and should provide clear reasons why you are a qualified candidate who can make a solid contribution to the company. Include experience, major skills sets, and any personality traits or soft skills that would be valuable.

The following is an example of a legal summary statement.

Experienced, Certified Paralegal with five years of experience with thorough knowledge of legal terminology and business law. Detail-oriented with strong research skills and an ability to communicate effectively with clients, attorneys and other employees. Dedicated to client-services and motivated to bringing repeat business.


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