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How to Write a Legal Resume Summary Statement

How to Write a Legal Resume Summary Statement

The legal resume summary statement replaces the old resume objective that just told employers that you wanted them to hire you. Since this information is a given, you can replace it with exciting information about your experience and talents. It is especially helpful in highlighting relevant knowledge and skills when you have a long or unusually varied career that could obscure the important details.

What to Include in a Legal Resume Summary Statement

You can lay the groundwork for your summary by thinking about your strengths. Consider what parts of your experience would be most useful in your targeted position and focus your summary statement around them. If you are exceptionally skilled at something pertinent to a prospective employer, be sure to write about it. Every industry or position has unique requirements that your statement should be written around. Here are some details to anchor your summary statement for added impact:

  • A job title that represents the pinnacle of your experience
  • The most impressive aspects of your legal expertise
  • Related, yet expansive “soft skills” that show you’re well rounded

How to Format a Legal Resume Summary Statement

it’s important to structure your statement so that it is concise, informative and easy to read. You may opt for a short bullet list or a paragraph format. If you go with a paragraph, keep it around four to six lines. Either format should provide a brief overview of your experience, two or three major skill sets and some information on personality traits and/or soft skills that make you more valuable as an employee. it’s okay to use sentence fragments in your summaries as long as they Don’t confuse your meaning.

Tips for Writing a Legal Resume Summary Statement

You want to catch the reader’s attention and let him or her know exactly why you are the best choice for the job.

  • Be informative
  • Highlight solutions you can provide
  • Never write your summary in first person
  • Present your accomplishments as simple facts
Example of a Legal Resume Summary Statement

Extensive counseling and negotiating experience in civil litigation. Proven ability to provide reliable legal solutions under deadline pressure. Effective communicator with demonstrated strength in logical reasoning and attention to detail.


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