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How to Include Professional References in a Maintenance & Janitorial Resume

Whether to include professional references in a maintenance & janitorial resume depends on your own preferences, but experts recommend you skip this section. Hiring managers can really only ask a few questions, and references usually can’t do more than confirm your past employment. There are only a few situations in which you should list your references on a maintenance & janitorial resume references section.

When Should You Include Professional References in a Maintenance & Janitorial Resume

If you read a job description that calls for references, include the minimum number of references the employer requires. This is the only time when you must include a maintenance & janitorial resume references section. Other situations where you may want to list some names include recently switching careers, deciding to take a break from school and applying for your first full time job. This gives managers a list of individuals they can contact about you, even if you haven’t worked in maintenance before. Property maintenance job listings will often call for references because hiring managers want to know you are a professional and that they can trust you around clients and properties.

How to Include Professional References in a Maintenance & Janitorial Resume

Just like with everything else about your resume, there’s a right way and a wrong way to include your maintenance & janitorial resume references section. Formatting this section is simple as well. You need a series of lines that lists the individual’s name, profession/job title, current employer, professional address, email address and a valid home/work/cell phone number. Make sure you Don’t simply write “References Available Upon Request” after completing the rest of your resume, since this is a given and only wastes time.

Example of Professional References in a Maintenance & Janitorial Resume

Professional References
Mitchell Fletcher
Office Manager
ABC Plumbing 134 West Second
St.Los Angeles, CA 12456
(555) 345-1234

Tips for Providing Professional References to a Hiring Manager

  • If you are a new worker with no work experience, feel free to use a friend or family member, but list that name as a personal reference.
  • Let your references know whenever you send out new resumes to inform them they may receive some calls or emails.
  • Always list the phone number where your reference can easily be reached to cut down on any confusion.
  • Be sure you only list references most likely to give you a positive review.
  • Some examples of those you might put down as a reference include office managers, janitorial team leaders and the names of clients who used your services in the past.


After looking at the importance of a maintenance & janitorial resume references section, you might decide to submit your references later or leave off this section entirely. You still need to work on making your resume work for that specific job, which you can easily do with the online resume builder from MyPerfectResume. With the right tools and information, drafting a winning resume is a snap.