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How to Write a Maintenance & Janitorial Resume Education Section

The point of an Education section is to show employers the degrees, diplomas, academic skills and certifications you possess that separate you from the rest of the applicant pool. While most maintenance and janitorial candidates do not require a significant amount of college education, if any, your Education section can supplement your Work Experience section by showcasing your unique knowledge and achievements. Most hiring managers only skim maintenance resumes for a few seconds, so it is crucial that your maintenance & janitorial resume Education section is easy to read and accurately communicates your abilities as a job candidate.

What to Include in a Maintenance & Janitorial Resume Education Section

Unless you have a significant number of certifications and licenses, you can include them in your Education section along with a mention of the institution from which you received each certification. Always include any degrees you completed, since this demonstrates your ability to follow through on a commitment and positions you as a well-rounded candidate. You Don’t need to share your GPA, but can mention if you graduated with any honors. Include any related educational experiences, such as certifications in operating specific types of machinery, driving a truck or managing a staff, because these qualifications mean that employers can expect a higher level of competence from you than the average applicant. Since many maintenance and janitorial positions are entry level, some applicants can include their high school education but should avoid listing the graduation date unless it’s recent.

How to Format a Maintenance & Janitorial Resume Education Section

Almost always place your Education section beneath your Work Experience section, since janitorial hiring managers place more emphasis on practical experience than academic coursework. However, if you are new to the field and have recently graduated, your Education section is likely your strongest selling point and should go above your Work History section. Start with the most recent entry and go backwards from there. Each entry should begin with the certification you received, followed by the name of the granting institution, its location and then any honors, classes or activities you were involved with during your time at the institution. If you have not graduated yet, create a listing of the janitorial degree or certificate you will receive, followed by the date of your anticipated graduation from the program.

Example of a Maintenance & Janitorial Resume Education Section

When learning how to write a maintenance & janitorial resume Education section, consider the following example.Janitorial Training Certificate, Newark Community College, Newark, New JerseyCourses: Maintenance and Janitorial Duties, Team MembershipAssociate in Arts, Coleman College, Newark, New JerseySumma cum laude, Student Activities Committee MemberCourses and Certifications: Introduction to Maintenance, Janitorial Staffing


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