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How to Write a Maintenance & Janitorial Resume Work Experience Section

Your employment history is arguably the most important part of your resume. It gives decision makers concrete examples of your relevant expertise. Knowing how to sell yourself using a well-written maintenance & janitorial resume work experience section can really make an impression on hiring managers.

What to Include in a Maintenance & Janitorial Resume Work Experience Section

The most important things to include in your work experience are your accomplishments. You want to highlight the ways in which you provided value to your employers by detailing problems you solved or exemplary work you performed. Whenever possible, quantify your results. Include a mix of duties and responsibilities as well, but remember to always stress achievements over mere job requirements. Don’t list employment from more than 15-20 years prior.

How to Format a Maintenance & Janitorial Resume Work Experience Section

Begin with your current or most recent job and work backward chronologically. Put the position title and the dates of your employment, in month and year format, on the first line. The second line should include the name of the company and its city and state. Follow with five to eight bullet points demonstrating your achievements and accountabilities in that position using strong action words instead of phrases such as “responsible for” or “duties included.” If you’re still working at that job, write in the present tense; otherwise, write in the past tense.

Example of a Maintenance & Janitorial Resume Work Experience Section

Professional Work Experience
Janitor, June 2011 to February 2016
ABC Cleaning-Los Angeles, CA

  • Implemented green cleaning methods that reduced waste by 18 percent
  • Worked as part of a six-janitor team to clean offices and commercial buildings during late night hours
  • Performed duties such as vacuuming floors, removing trash, wiping down tables and mopping tile floors
  • Handled emergency calls from clients who needed buildings cleaned outside of regular business hours
  • Worked in 12 facilities each week while safeguarding the privacy of all clients


Employing best practices when detailing your maintenance & janitorial resume work experience can really improve your chances of scoring an interview. You can make the process more convenient by using MyPerfectResume’s Resume Builder to create a standout, professional resume in minutes.