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How to Write a Maintenance & Janitorial Resume Objective

One of the most important sections once found on a resume was the resume objective. A maintenance & janitorial resume objective served as a quick introduction to you and showed employers what you wanted to accomplish in the future. Though this remained popular for a number of years, it fell by the wayside in more recent years and became just another trend. A resume statement is the new alternative to a resume objective, and while some view this as just another trend, you may consider using a statement instead of an objective.

How You Used to Write a Maintenance & Janitorial Resume Objective

When writing a maintenance & janitorial resume objective in the past, you generally included “objective” at the top in a bold font with a small section that was around 50 words or less. This section may still be good to use if you’re changing careers, seeking a managerial position, or finding entry-level employment. This section allowed you to mention the type of job you wanted and any career goals you had. Get an idea of the way a maintenance & janitorial resume objective looked in the past with the following examples:

  • Seeking a full time janitorial position utilizing skills ranging from window washing to trash disposal in an office setting with daytime hours and the ability to move up within the company.
  • A janitorial or maintenance position that requires physical strength, time management and problem solving skills that may include some nighttime, weekend and holiday shifts.

How to Write a Maintenance & Janitorial Resume Summary Statement

A resume summary is completely unlike a resume objective because it focuses more on your experience and your skills rather than what you want in the future. This four to six-line section should read like a 30-second sales pitch at the top of the page with a bold heading. Make sure that you use a third person style of speech and do not include any pronouns such as “I” in this section. Things you may put in your statement include your experience, relevant major skill sets, and any personality traits or soft skills that will help your chances.

Here is an example:

Current janitor and maintenance professional with more than eight years of experience working in office buildings for property management companies and as a part of a janitorial team. Responsible for emptying trash cans, washing windows, cleaning/buffing floors, removing stains and eliminating odors to keep clients and their workers happy.


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