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How to Write a Maintenance & Janitorial Resume Skills Section

You probably spend a lot of time thinking about what to include in your education section and how to format your work experiences without paying much mind to a skills section. While employers usually do not require any type of skills section, it can certainly help. A maintenance & janitorial resume skills section gives hiring managers some clear details about the cleaning and maintenance skills that you have.

Should You Include a Maintenance & Janitorial Skills Section in Your Resume

There are arguments both for and against including a maintenance & janitorial skills section in your resume. Those against this section point out that many jobs require the same set of skills and that most applicants will have those skills. Those in favor of including the section claim that it can show employers that you will not require any additional training once you step into that position. It’s best to include skills that relate to specific types of jobs within the industry. Working in property management may require that you have strong organizational skills and the ability to use professional cleaning equipment, while a position working for an office cleaning company requires knowledge of cleaning supplies and specific cleaning methods or techniques.

What to Include in a Maintenance & Janitorial Resume Skills Section

One of the more difficult parts of writing a maintenance & janitorial resume skills section is that you need to know what to list as a skill and what to include in your work experience or in other parts of the resume. While you can repeat some of the skills as duties you did on the job, you need to find ways to state that content in a new way without repeating yourself or using the same phrases. It’s often helpful to read over the job description several times and pull out key skills the hiring manager wants to see to list as a skill. Some of the most important skills you might highlight in a maintenance & janitorial resume include:

  • Any knowledge or experience you have with power and/or hand tools
  • Certifications you might have, such as an HVAC technician
  • Whether you can communicate with others in a language other than English
  • Types of surfaces you’re familiar with, such as floors, windows, furniture or walls
  • How physically fit you are and how much weight you can lift
Example of a Maintenance & Janitorial Resume Skills Section


  • Knowledge of and experience with repairing simple electrical and plumbing problems
  • Experience using power tools of various types, including nail guns, floor buffers and drills
  • Certified HVAC technician
  • Able to lift 100 pounds or more when working on job sites
  • Capable of effectively communicating in both Spanish and English


Applying for a maintenance and/or janitorial job often requires that you submit a resume. If you have trouble figuring out what to say or how you want to say it, turn to MyPerfectResume and our user-friendly resume builder.