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How to Write a Maintenance & Janitorial Resume Summary Statement

it’s time to redo your resume if it still features an objective at the top. The old-fashioned objective has gone out of style because it tends not to offer any useful information. Instead, most employers now prefer to see a maintenance & janitorial resume summary that serves as a brief overview of your most impressive traits.

What to Include in a Maintenance & Janitorial Resume Summary Statement

When applying for a job in a maintenance department or for a janitorial position, you may have a hard time deciding what should go in your summary statement, but the rules are basically the same as in any other field. When in doubt, base your statement on the job description. For example, if a posting is for floor cleaning, highlight your skills using advanced polishing equipment. The important thing is that you stress your relevant abilities and your greatest achievements.

How to Format a Maintenance & Janitorial Resume Summary Statement

You can use bullets or a paragraph format for your statement. If you decide to use a paragraph structure, keep your summary statement to four to six lines. Remember never to write your summary in first person. Sentence fragments are okay to use as long as they Don’t create confusion.

Tips for Writing a Maintenance & Janitorial Resume Summary Statement

Check out the tips listed below for the best way to write a maintenance & janitorial summary.

  • Look over your resume and identify the most important aspects of your past to decide what to put in the summary statement.
  • Include major certifications you obtained while working in the field.
  • Mention special cleaning and maintenance duties you performed that demonstrate advanced capabilities.
  • Use real numbers to show the amount of work you were responsible for in the past.
  • Check over your statement to ensure that you have an appealing first sentence or bullet point that grabs the attention of the reader immediately.
Example of a Maintenance & Janitorial Resume Summary Statement

Proven record of top-tier service in large-scale commercial properties as extensive as 100+ unit complexes. Apartment Maintenance Technician-certified with impressive organization and time-management skills. Extensive experience in all aspects of janitorial and light-maintenance tasks.


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