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How to Write a Management Resume Certifications and Training Section

Use the certification and training section in your resume in order to impress a potential employer with how your training can directly apply to the job being offered. By including a management resume certifications and training section, you make it easier for the employer to find the information to determine if you fit what they need.

What Kind of Certifications and Training Should You List on Your Management Resume

When you create a well-written management resume certifications and training section, it gives the potential employer the chance to see how your experience and credentials could be useful for the open position. If you can show specifically how your training can be used in the job, that may impress them and give you a better chance at being hired. At the same time, don’t waste the employers time by putting information in this section that has no relevance to the job opening.

Providing bullet points in this area is a great technique because it breaks up lengthy paragraphs and allows the employer to focus on important information. You should aim to use no more than five bullet points to keep the section brief and provide just the pertinent details.

How to Format a Management Resume Certifications and Training Section

When adding your credentials to your resume, you should consider whether they warrant their own section. If you only have a couple of items to list, you can include them in the education or skills section. However, if you have several qualifications to showcase, it’s appropriate to separate them into their own area on your resume.

Add your credentials after Education. If they have less relevance to the open position, then you should move their section farther down the resume. However, if your training is not applicable to the job at all, there is no requirement to place the management resume certification and training section on your resume at all. By including it when there is no reason to, you waste the employer’s time.

Example of a Management Resume Certifications and Training Section
  • Leadership and Management, Michaelson Skills Training, 2014
  • Professional Leadership Development Course, Elemental Management Concepts, 2013
  • Member of National Management Association (NMA)
  • Retail Management Certification


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