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How to Write a Management Resume Objective

As you apply for management positions, you may consider including a management resume objective that lets hiring managers know you want the job and are a great fit for the company. Rather than a traditional resume objective, you can instead use a detailed summary statement that shows potential employers your best skills are and how you would be an asset to their business. Summary statements are now more common when seeking employment, and using them shows you’re current on resume practices.

How You Used to Write a Management Resume Objective

The old method writing for resume objectives was to include the job for which you were applying along with facts that made you a standout applicant. One of the main issues with this method is that the employer already knows getting a job with the company is your objective, making the statement redundant and unnecessary. Summary statements act as quick “elevator pitches” that give hiring managers, entrepreneurs and business owners a snapshot of who you are as a professional and what you can do to help make their business better or fulfil a specific position. To understand the current preferential treatment of summary statements, you first have to understand why the old methods are so ineffective. Let’s look at two examples.

Resume Objective Examples

Mid-level manager with 10 years of leadership experience pursuing a supervisor position with Jewels Inc.
Detail-oriented manager seeking to apply 20 years of experience to a senior managerial position at Hark Enterprises.

How to Write a Management Summary Statement

To write a winning summary statement for your resume instead of an outdated management resume objective, be sure to consider the following points:

  • Use your job title, making sure to include the highest level you’ve achieved in this title.
  • Aggressively and thoroughly explain your bestselling points in a way that makes you stand out from the competition.
  • Describe your most relevant experience, education, training and anything else that sets you apart from other applicants.
  • Using sentence fragments is permissible

The resume summary statement is a more detailed opening that shows your future employers what you have to offer them. You want to make sure your statement is detailed and exciting and that it will stop busy hiring managers from simply passing over your resume. It should be no more than five sentences long, and you do not want to include any first-person pronouns. Choose catchy words and phrases to make sure you make the most of your opportunity to make a good first impression on your potential future employer. You want to express your talents and what makes you a good candidate for the open position, and you also want your resume statement to help you look distinctive and unique.

Management Summary Statement Example

An effective senior-level manager skilled in leadership and organization. High-energy and safety-conscious. Reliable under pressure. Able to successfully stay on budget and meet company deadlines. Skilled at supervising and motivating staff members in a way that allows them to fulfil their potential while building their professional skillsets.


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