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How to Write a Management Resume Skills Section

If you’re seeking a job in management, it’s crucial to have a strong, professional resume that includes a management resume skills section. This isn’t a section found in every resume, and opinions differ about whether or not you should even include such a section. A skills section can, however, call attention to some of your specific skills and allow you to place more keywords into your resume.

Should You Include a Skills Section in Your Management Resume?

One reason to include this section is that it gives prospective employers a quick summary of your strongest relevant skills. It’s also gives you a chance to include important keywords that can make your resume stand out when hiring managers are searching on job sites. It’s especially beneficial to include a management resume skills section when you possess skills that are a close match to the position for which you’re applying. On the other hand, if you’re new to the job market or are changing industries, you may not have the relevant skills to warrant including this section. Even in these cases, however, you may be able to list skills relevant for a management position that you may have acquired in school, during volunteer positions, internships or in other industries.

What to Include in a Management Resume Skills Section

When creating the management resume skills section, you should be sure to include any skills that show your experience and competence in management positions. For this specific position, people skills are usually the most highly valued. Prospective employers want to make sure you have the ability to work well with others, organize and manage projects and display leadership abilities. You can include specific examples of how you have used your skills in the job experience section. As far as appearance, you’ll want your skills section to include short phrases without periods at the end, have at least three items for each column of the table and no more than seven or eight for each individual column.
Here are the best skills to list when creating a management resume skills section:

  • Negotiating skills, which are sure to come in handy with employees as well as customers or clients.
  • Conflict resolution, in order to show you’re well prepared to take on those inevitable workplace conflicts.
  • Motivating and leading teams, to help keep the workplace in order and stay in task for accomplishing goals
  • Project management, to keep business moving apace and ensure everyone is on the right page
  • Delegating tasks, to bring out the best in employees and to ensure efficient and correct task completion

To help you write a management resume skills section, here is an example to guide you on overall format and appearance:

Example of a Management Resume Skills Section

Office manager with over five years of experience with skills including:

  • Team leader comfortable delegating tasks and bringing out the best in employees.
  • Able to manage multiple tasks with efficiency.
  • Adept at solving problems and meeting project deadlines.
  • Strong communicator and experienced at mediation and conflict resolution.
  • Experienced with office equipment and software, including MS Office, Google Apps for Business and QuickBooks.


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