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How to Write a Management Resume Summary Statement

If you are currently conducting a job search, you should be familiar with some changes with regard to acceptable practice in resume writing. Gone are the days of the objective, that short sentence declaring your career interests. Instead, the resume summary statement is now being used. A management resume summary statement is important because it succinctly demonstrates to potential employers the value you can bring to their company.

What to Include in a Management Resume Summary Statement

A summary statement should offer examples of job-specific experience and transferable skills. Emphasize past leadership accomplishments and ways in which you improved your workplaces. Someone who is new to the management field or just out of school would approach things differently by highlighting achievements and transferable skills that demonstrate management acumen. You may need to think outside the box, but just about any experience provides something you can use to market yourself.

How to Format a Management Resume Summary Statement

Your summary statement should be a short bullet list or a brief paragraph containing between four and six sentences. Give yourself just enough text to capture the best that you have to offer. Sentence fragments are allowed, but writing in the first person is forbidden.

Tips for Writing a Management Resume Summary Statement

When brainstorming ideas for what to include in your summary statement, there are some things you should consider.

  • The skills you most enjoy utilizing and that are most relevant to your desired position
  • Knowledge that is valued by the profession and that would be beneficial to your potential employer
  • Your unique, job-related selling points
Example of a Management Resume Summary Statement

Business management professional with seven years of experience in the leadership and motivation of dynamic teams. Strong program-management and organizational skills with the ability to reach goals within set deadlines. Highly effective communicator with career-spanning skill in building and maintaining employee morale while maximizing efficiency. Creative problem solver with proven record of delivering solutions under pressure.


Now that you know what a management resume summary statement is, how to format it and the important components needed, you can begin to develop your own resume as a sales tool to your next job. Simplify the process with MyPerfectResume’s Resume Builder to quickly create a resume that will stand out from the competition.