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How to Include Professional References in a Marketing Resume| MyPerfectResume

Despite professional references not having a place on the current resume model, they are nevertheless important to add to your network under the assumption that you will be asked to provide a few later on in an interview process. To most companies, a marketing resume references section serves as the final verification that you are worth hiring. However, even though the section is typically left off resumes, there are a few cases where inclusion is acceptable.

When Should You Include Professional References in a Marketing Resume

Currently, there are really only two times you should ever include a marketing resume references section when applying for a job. The first is if the hiring company directly states on their directions they want you to include references. The second is if you’ve developed a strong work relationship with a highly regarded and well-known master in the industry and feel such a connection would all but guarantee you an interview.

How to Include Professional References in a Marketing Resume

Unlike most sections on a marketing resume, including a marketing resume references section is relatively simple. At the very bottom of the resume as the last section, list the reference’s information. This includes name, title, company, business address, phone and email. Feel free to include a section title. it’s often best that you not include anything on your resume along the lines of “References Available Upon Request.” This is often a given and does nothing but take up space.

Example of Professional References in a Marketing Resume

Jeff McDonald
Executive Marketing Manager
Prometheus, Inc.
568-B Corporate Way
Tampa, FL 33611
Phone: (813) 696-4871

Tips for Providing Professional References to a Hiring Manager

Keep the following tips in the forefront of your mind when drafting your marketing resume references section:

  • Never forget to ask permission from the references themselves. Don’t ask their assistants, ask them directly.
  • If this is the reference’s first time serving as a reference, talk with them about the types of questions they might receive. The better prepared they are to support you, the stronger a candidate you will appear to the hiring company.
  • Choose higher titles before lower titles. So long as your references are somewhat related to the position to which you’re applying, it’s best to collect as many higher ups as possible. Those with higher titles will have more clout when talking about your skills.
  • Consider who the hiring manager would be impressed with to see as a reference. Go over your best professional contacts and think about it through an objective standpoint. Even though higher ups may seem more impressive, sometimes a lower position with better knowledge of your work ethic is the stronger choice.
  • Understand the types of references who will add benefit to your marketing resume. Those in positions such as marketing coordinator, marketing manager, executive marketing manager or similar titles will bolster your resume as they can attest to your ability to perform within the industry. You should also only list those most likely to give you a positive review.


Whether you include a marketing resume references section, it’s always a great idea to have this list anyway as most companies ask for references later on in the hiring process. When you’re looking to create the perfect professional resume in a matter of minutes, MyPerfectResume’s Resume Builder is the answer you’ve been looking for.