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How to Write a Marketing Resume Education Section

If you are wondering how to write a marketing resume education section, remember that the purpose of this section is to show employers how much training and education you have had in the marketing field. This includes your marketing degrees as well as any other relevant educational experiences that make you a more effective marketing employee. An education section is essential to a successful marketing resume since the industry requires various practical and academic experiences.

What to Include in a Marketing Resume Education Section

When learning how to write a marketing resume education section, always include your completed degrees, degrees in progress, coursework that is relevant to the functions of a specific marketing job, academic internships in the marketing field and any relevant certifications that do not warrant a separate section. Unless you are a recent graduate, do not include your GPA or high school degrees since your GPA is not necessary several years after graduation and it is assumed that college graduates completed high school. If you are in the process of completing a marketing degree, simply list your anticipated graduation so the hiring manager understands you have not yet completed the degree. Even if you are not planning to complete a marketing program, list the marketing courses you did complete to demonstrate that you have some education in the field.

How to Format a Marketing Resume Education Section

Learning how to write a marketing resume education section requires understanding that hiring managers often skim a resume and expect to find your most relevant marketing degrees and experiences upfront. Format your first line with the name of your degree followed by your institution, and use any subsequent lines to list specific marketing classes or honors you received. If your degree is your best selling point, whether because you attended a prestigious marketing school or because you are a recent graduate, you should place your education section above your work experience section.

If you have significant experience working in the marketing field, place your education section underneath your work experience section. Formatting is one of the most crucial aspects of writing a marketing resume education section since it makes it easier for hiring managers to determine how much training and education they will have to invest if you are hired.

Consider the following example of how to write a marketing resume education section:

Example of a Marketing Resume Education Section
  • Master of Arts in Marketing, Blue Ridge University, Ackeron, Ohio
  • Summa cum laude, President of the Student Marketing Association, Campus Activities Director
  • Courses: Graphic Design, Advanced Marketing Techniques, International Marketing
  • Bachelor of Arts in Marketing, Ackeron University, Ackeron, Ohio
  • Cum laude, Student Marketing Association Member, Campus Advertising Committee Chair
  • Courses: Marketing Methods and Techniques, Psychology of Persuasion

Note that this simple example of a marketing resume education section contains the candidate’s relevant degrees in reverse chronological order as well as a listing of each major activity he or she completed that was related to marketing. Your education section provides the chance to demonstrate an interest in marketing and areas of expertise outside of professional work.


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