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How to Write a Marketing Resume Objective

A marketing resume objective has always been a mainstay on a resume, one that briefly describes what the applicant hopes her or his resume will accomplish, e.g. win the job. In recent years, the resume objective has become somewhat obsolete, mainly because any hiring manager can gather you’re trying to get hired. These days, a resume summary, something akin to a one- to two-sentence long elevator pitch, can be used to briefly sum up the most essential facts contained within your resume.

How You Used to Write a Marketing Resume Objective

In the past, a resume objective would include the job for which you were applying. This is the basic format for how to write a marketing objective:

  • Objective: Senior Director of Marketing and Sales at ABC Sporting Goods

It also wasn’t unusual for hiring managers to see longer resume objectives, such as:

  • Objective: To obtain a position as the marketing director of Sumford Winery.

How to Write a Marketing Resume Summary Statement

A summary statement, also known as the Summary of Qualifications or Competencies, is basically a few strong statements at the beginning of your resume about why you are the perfect candidate for the job. It is different from a marketing resume objective, since instead of saying what you’re after, you’re saying what you have to offer. Summary statements shouldn’t be written in first person, but they should be written in paragraph form.
There are a few best practices to follow when writing a summary statement, including:

  • Know what skills and experience you want to highlight. You only have a few lines to write your statement, so make them count.
  • Know what your industry most values. What skills, experiences, and strengths are an asset in this sector? What would you look for if you were the hiring manager? What would you consider nonessential or a red flag?
  • Figure out how you fit in while standing out in the best way possible from other candidates. Describe and perfect your key selling points so that they fit into four to six bullet points. Keep this question in mind: What do you bring to the table that no one else can?
To get a better understanding of what a well-written resume summary looks like, consider the following example:

Accomplished, visionary marketing professional with outstanding marketing and sales talents along with strong management abilities. Thrives in dynamic environment that requires focused decision making. Proven success in establishing strong presence in new international markets, identifying opportunities for growth, and initiating lasting business alliances. Bilingual English and Mandarin Chinese.

Note that this summary states the applicant’s strengths in a very succinct way, uses sentence fragments, and includes a few major skillsets and soft skills. Although the resume already has this information, it ties together the candidate’s qualifications to show how he/she is a great fit for the marketing director job. This makes knowing how to write an outdated and unnecessary marketing resume objective unnecessary.


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