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How to Write a Marketing Resume Skills Section

By learning how to write an effective marketing resume skills section, you can showcase your strongest talents to likely employers to improve your hiring chances and take the next step in your professional career. The skills section is not always added to a resume, but it can be helpful in many different scenarios. If you decide to add this section to your resume, be sure to show what skills help you to stand apart from other equally qualified.

Should You Include a Skills Section in Your Marketing Resume

If you are in the marketing industry, you know how competitive it can be. The skills section of your resume will help you to show your future employers the nuanced skills and qualities you possess that can help take the company to the top and succeed in meeting its goals. If you are a professional at social media marketing or email marketing, be sure to document it. Another reason to strongly consider adding a marketing resume skills section is you may be a fresh graduate who doesn’t have much experience and needs a way to stand out from more qualified candidates. You might also have special skills that may not be directly related to marketing but still useful for a specific position.

What to Include in a Marketing Resume Skills Section

When learning how to write a marketing resume skills section, you want to use short phrases without periods and have at least three to four items for each column. This section is where you write out your strengths, and you should think about what skills you have that will relate to the job you are trying to get. Be sure to only add skills you believe your future employers will be looking for in a marketing employee.Examples of the top five marketing skills you should be sure to include in your marketing resume skills section include:
  • Advertising, to show you’re just as good at advertising as you are marketing and to show you know the difference between the two
  • Brand management, to indicate you’re capable of handling not only the client’s brand, but your company’s brand as well
  • Research, to show you’re willing to put in the time and effort necessary to create the best marketing materials that match the client’s vision
  • Leadership, to indicate you’re ready to step up when needed
  • Sales tracking, to show your focus for the bottom line and sales goals
Example of a Marketing Resume Skills Section
  • Managed social media campaigns and analyzed results to increase sales
  • Improved social media image through brand management
  • Created new and innovative marketing strategies that proved to be successful
  • Able to work under pressure to meet deadlines on a regular basis


As you learn how to write a marketing resume skills section, you will see your unique skills will help you stand out from other applicants. Try MyPerfectResume’s Resume Builder to have a sophisticated resume created in minutes that shows hiring managers your bestselling points. Your resume is your ticket to an interview, so you want to make sure it looks as professional as possible.