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How to Write a Marketing Resume Summary Statement

When writing a resume, a key piece is the resume summary statement. This brief paragraph has come to replace the formerly preferred resume objective at the top of your document. Rather than simply listing your career preferences as an objective does, a marketing resume summary statement tells potential employers what you bring to the table in terms of unique expertise and demonstrates what makes you best qualified for the job.

What to Include in a Marketing Resume Summary Statement

A summary statement should include two or three specific, work-related skills, as well as some relevant soft skills. This statement needs to be brief, so you’ll want to choose the most meaningful details. Examples for your industry may include:

  • Content marketing
  • SEO
  • Consumer behavior
  • Creativity
  • Interpersonal skills

Your marketing summary will be unique to your level of experience. If you don’t have much industry experience, you would want to emphasize academic knowledge or transferable skills, while a seasoned marketing professional should focus on career accomplishments and contributions.

How to Format a Marketing Resume Summary Statement

A summary statement should be a brief bullet list or a short paragraph containing between four to six lines. There is no need to write complete sentences because concise fragments are the preferred style. Summary statements should never be written in the first person. Because hiring professionals often receive a lot of resumes, this section should be brief, focused and easy to read.

Tips for Writing a Marketing Resume Summary Statement

Keep these suggestions in mind when developing a marketing summary statement:

  • The kind of skills you most enjoy using
  • Your primary strengths related to the position
  • Which characteristics are in-demand for the marketing field
  • Any unique selling points you offer
  • Problems you can solve for the employer
Example of a Marketing Resume Summary Statement

Marketing professional with five years of experience in niche firms. Proven creative campaign leadership and team management. Knowledge of SEO, content marketing, blogger outreach, social media management and email marketing. Excellent organizational skills, with expertise handling multiple projects efficiently and on deadline. Strong, interpersonal skills and extensive client-facing experience.


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