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How to Write a Marketing Resume Work Experience Section

A marketing resume work experience section includes one or more positions you have held that demonstrate your relevant skills and abilities. Hiring managers use the details you provide to determine whether you would be a good fit for their companies.

What to Include in a Marketing Resume Work Experience Section

You want to provide a thorough employment history without unexplained gaps that could make you seem dishonest during background investigations. However, you should avoid going back further than 15-20 years. Focus on your career accomplishments more than on specific job duties. Instead of listing tasks, incorporate some key figures such as the number of clients you worked with daily. Provide concrete metrics when possible.

How to Format a Marketing Resume Work Experience Section

Begin with your most recent employer and work backward, writing in present tense for your current position and in past tense for any other entries. Provide your title on the first line. You may opt to add the dates of employment—in month and year format—on this line or after the employer details; just make sure not to omit this information. Include the company name, city, and state on its own line. Next list five to eight achievements and duties in bullet style.

Example of a Marketing Resume Work Experience Section

Professional Experience
Social Media Specialist, March 2014 to June 2015
Better Online Marketing-New Cityland, CA

  • Updated clients’ online websites to increase their total sales by 16 percent
  • Led and trained a team of six online marketing specialists
  • Created social networking materials for customers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other popular sites
  • Maintained more than 100 sites on a weekly basis
  • Worked with clientele to introduce new contests and promotional events to boost customer engagement and retention


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