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How to Include Professional References in a Media & Entertainment Resume

A media and entertainment resume should include your work experience and a way for employers to contact you, but it doesn’t necessarily include a list of professional references. A media & entertainment resume references section consists of individuals who worked with you and know about your professional aptitude. Though you shouldn’t include a professional references section on every resume you submit, there are some times when this section is necessary.

When Should You Include Professional References in a Media & Entertainment Resume

The only time you should include a media & entertainment resume references section is when you apply for an entertainment job that asks for this them. Even if you do not need this list, you may find it’s helpful when you have connections in the industry. Listing the head of a popular casting company, a famous director or an award-winning producer shows you have deep connections within the entertainment world. You should also consider using references when the job needs filling quickly. For example, you might apply for a camera assistant position for a show that starts shooting within the next month.

How to Include Professional References in a Media & Entertainment Resume

A media & entertainment resume references section starts with “Professional References” to differentiate between this and other sections. The references section is always the last section of the resume. If adding this section increases your resume length to more than one page, consider just including a full list of references on a different paper. it’s counterproductive to add “References Available Upon Request”. This takes up place and is often a given for hiring managers.

Reading about how to format a media & entertainment resume references section is different from actually seeing one. Refer to the following example here for help.

Example of Professional References in a Media & Entertainment Resume

Dean Smith
Executive Producer
Bright Sky Studios
654 East Beeker Street.
Los Angeles, CA 98567
(555) 345-6789

Tips for Providing Professional References to a Hiring Manager

Be sure to keep these tips in mind as you’re drafting your media & entertainment resume references section:

  • Include the names of at least three professionals working in the entertainment industry, but no more than four names total.
  • Stick only to those working in the media and entertainment world and leave off references who have no knowledge of this industry.
  • Be sure to only include individuals who are most likely to give you a glowing recommendation.
  • Let your references know you added them to your list and take the time to thank them after they speak with a hiring manager on your behalf.
  • Some examples of professionals you might use as references on a media & entertainment resume include executive producers, directors, camera operators, catering managers and casting directors.


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