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How to Write a Media & Entertainment Resume Education Section

While there are success stories of actors and directors who never went to college, most working in the entertainment industry today have some college or training before they enter the field. No matter what your dream job might be, you need a media & entertainment resume education section that highlights any classes or degrees you have relating to the entertainment industry. Some employers and hiring managers may not even contact you for an interview without seeing an education section on your resume.

What to Include in a Media & Entertainment Resume Education Section

When writing a media & entertainment resume education section, you should look at general practices and practices specific to the industry. General practices include listing your GPA, the GPA you received in entertainment classes if higher, whether you finished your degree and where you went to school. Some jobs in the entertainment industry may require knowledge of directing, acting and other practices as well. You can include any modeling classes you took from a local school, directing classes you took at a community college and even online courses you took in the digital arts.

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How to Format a Media & Entertainment Resume Education Section

Organizing the parts of your media and entertainment education section is fairly easy. The first two lines show where you went to school, where the school is, the degree or diploma you received and the date of your graduation if recently graduated. Hiring managers can scan over those lines to get to the key information listed in bullet points. Those bullet points should include everything they want or need to know about your schooling. You should usually put the education section on the bottom of the page, but if you have limited media or entertainment experience in terms of jobs, you should move it to the top. You may also want to include a work experience section, a list of performances you worked on, your key skills and any certifications you might have, to the attention of hiring managers and hook them in to read more about you.

Example of a Media & Entertainment Resume Education Section

Any type of education you have in the media and entertainment industry should go in this section, starting with the most recent. Read over the example here to see how to format this section.
University of California Los Angeles-Los Angeles, CA
Bachelor of Arts in Drama, June 2014

  • Starred in lead roles in five different productions ranging from comedies to dramas
  • Completed a minor in screenwriting
  • Earned a GPA of 3.5/4.0 in all classes and a 3.9/4.0 in acting classes
  • Did an internship at Hollywood Studios as a senior
  • Took classes on acting, screenwriting, producing, editing and directing

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