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How to Write a Media & Entertainment Resume Work Experience Section

No resume is complete without employment history. After all, a hiring manager will want to see how your prior positions have prepared you for the job you’re applying to. For that reason, learning how to write a media & entertainment resume work experience section is crucial to getting your foot in the door.

What to Include in a Media & Entertainment Resume Work Experience Section

When writing a resume work experience section, start with your most recent employment and work backward, up to a maximum of about 15-20 years. Write in present tense when providing details on your current employer and in past tense for all prior jobs. Put your achievements foremost rather than merely listing your responsibilities. Whenever possible, bolster your accomplishments with quantifiable measurements. Include the location and dates of employment for each position.

How to Format a Media & Entertainment Resume Work Experience Section

On the top line, provide your job title. You may also include the dates you were employed, or you could list this information after the company details. You can use the month and year, or simply use the year, as long as you use a consistent format throughout the rest of the section. Add the company name, city, and state. Lastly include a bullet list of five to eight accomplishments and duties using strong action words instead of weak phrases such as “responsible for.”

Example of a Media & Entertainment Resume Work Experience Section

Producer, July 2011-Present
Big Green Goat Productions, Pleasantville, CA

  • Cutting studio production costs by 20 percent over the past five years
  • Overseeing business side of movie productions
  • Appearing in 21 magazine and televised interviews
  • Hiring actors, directors, and other performers
  • Managing complex scheduling and logistics of production team
  • Publicizing projects via public appearances and media engagement
    Assistant Producer, June 2008-July 2011
    Tried and True Studios, Burbank, CA
  • Assisted in negotiating contracts
  • Helped make hiring decisions
  • Coordinated final post-production with editor, producer, and director
  • Kept everyone working efficiently and on task during movie production
  • Created and arranged paperwork for film production


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