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Media & Entertainment

Media & Entertainment

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How to Write a Media & Entertainment Resume Objective

In the past, resume objectives used to be the first item on a resume because they gave on overview of your goals, among which was to secure a job with the company. However, they have now been replaced by a resume summary statement, which provides a quick glance of what recruiters can expect to find on your resume. Before sending out that next resume to another media or entertainment company, make sure you first upgrade your resume objective to a well-written and effective resume summary statement that stands the best chance of improving your chances of scoring an interview and receiving a job offer with your dream employer.

How You Used to Write a Media and Entertainment Resume Objective

Resume objectives used to contain an overall goal you wanted to achieve in your career or current job search. They were brief and concise, usually around one to two sentences long. They mentioned who you were and what you wanted to achieve for that position. Examples of old media and entertainment industry resume objectives include:
  • Young professional seeking a challenging position as a production assistant with G. Gordon Geoffrey Productions.
  • Junior executive seeks a position that will provide upward mobility with WHTX.
  • However, as mentioned before, resume objectives are not needed and have been replaced by resume summary statements, mainly because when you write a media and entertainment resume objective, you are simply focusing on what you want and not what you can give to the company.

How Write a Media and Entertainment Resume Objective

A current media and entertainment resume summary statement gives an overall idea of what to expect out of your resume and should include how experienced you are and what kind of skills and knowledge you have. A resume summary statement is concise, but a bit more flexible in length than a resume objective, since you can add a couple of more sentences if needed.
A good example of a resume summary statement for the media and entertainment industry will look like this:
Expert project manager who turns the best ideas into quality entertainment. Proficient at building relationships and working under pressure with extremely tight deadlines. Very hands-on worker who knows how to get projects done from start to finish. Experienced in working on multimedia projects and working alongside a variety of departments and crew members. Fluent in Spanish and French and currently learning Japanese for international media and entertainment.
Additional aspects of a well-written media and entertainment resume objective include:
  • Written in paragraph format
  • Does not use first-person
  • Utilizes sentence fragments when necessary
  • Is only four to six lines long
  • Touches on three to four major skill sets
  • Includes your most valuable personality traits/soft skills


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