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How to Write a Media & Entertainment Resume Skills Section

As a media and entertainment specialist, you know the power a resume can have when it comes to finding a new job, but you may not realize the power a skills section can have as well. A media & entertainment resume skills section isn’t one of the more common items included on a resume today, but it can have a big impact when it comes to applying for jobs in the entertainment industry. Hiring managers often look to that section to get an idea about the amount of experience you have both in front of and behind the camera.

Should You Include a Media & Entertainment Skills Section in Your Resume?

Some people say you shouldn’t include a media & entertainment resume skills section because you should include your key skills under the work experience you list. Others point out that you can only include so much information in those areas and having a separate section gives you the chance to make mention of other skills you have. The best time to include a skills section is when you have years of experience working in different positions. The skills section lets you list any experience you have with screenwriting, gaffing, editing and in other key positions on film or television sets.

What to Include in a Media & Entertainment Resume Skills Section

If you have skills that apply to past jobs and also acted as part of the duties you did on the job, leave those out of the skills section. For example, if you worked as an editor on a film set in the past, you’ll want to list that as a skill underneath that job instead of in this separate section. Use the skills list as a way to incorporate some of the things you can do on the job that do not exist elsewhere on your resume. In any case, your media & entertainment resume skills section should use short phrases without periods at the end and have three to four items for each column in the table but no more than seven or eight for each column.
Some essential skills entertainment hiring managers may look for can include:

  • Organizational skills, including arranging transportation for actors, finding hotel rooms in a city and handling phone calls from producers
  • On-set experience you have in actually creating content
  • Any screenwriting or rewriting you did independently or as part of a team
  • Industry knowledge you might have
  • Fundraising efforts that you assisted with in the past

If you still aren’t sure whether to use a media & entertainment resume skills section or what to include, the example below can help.

Example of a Media & Entertainment Resume Skills Section

Professional Skills

  • Experience creatively writing and rewriting scrips for television and films
  • Strong written and oral communications skills
  • Fundraising experience in terms of raising money for productions
  • Knowledge of film making computer software
  • Shooting and editing of digital and film content


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