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How to Write a Media & Entertainment Resume Summary Statement

You may have noticed that the summary statement has taken over the place of the resume objective that was once situated at the top of a resume. A media & entertainment resume summary statement is especially important for a job in the industry because it demonstrates previous projects and credentials. This industry is competitive, so showing that you have an edge early on is beneficial.

What to Include in a Media & Entertainment Resume Summary Statement

A media & entertainment resume summary statement will vary according to your own work experience, skills, and credentials. This is your chance to give an “elevator pitch” to a potential employer. Here are a few factors you should include in your summary statement:
  • Personality skills, including those related to communication and customer service
  • Deep passions and experiences that are important to entertainment
  • Transfer skills and strengths
  • Credentials and expertise in the entertainment industry
  • Past work achievements and professional accomplishments
  • Education and degrees

How to Format a Media & Entertainment Resume Summary Statement

Typically, a resume summary statement calls for the use of a paragraph. You should take between four and six lines to complete the summary. While you should write from the first person perspective, it is important that you do not use the word “I.” You can also use sentence fragments rather than complete sentences.

Tips for Writing a Media & Entertainment Resume Summary Statement

  • A summary statement is a good idea for those who have some experience in the field. If you do not have much experience to list in your summary statement, you can list transferable skills instead to demonstrate that you would make a good employee.
  • Do not simply repeat your summary statement in the resume. Find ways to add on to it, giving a more thorough view of your experience.
  • Use specific examples whenever possible. Numbers and statistics do well to demonstrate your performance, but only use your best selling points.
  • In writing your summary statement, consider the skills you enjoy putting to use most. What gives you joy while you are at work? What are some of your best memories on the job?
  • Use action verbs to detail your experience, but ensure that you are not merely using buzzwords that do not actually mean anything.
Example of a Media & Entertainment Resume Summary Statement
Entertainment journalist with global experience seeking reporting opportunity. Superior interpersonal and writing skills. Ability to set long-term goals and meet editorial deadlines. Accomplished reporter with 6+ years of experience. Strong personal speaking and presentation. Detail-oriented with high energy and extreme focus.


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