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Personal Care & Services

Personal Care & Services

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How to Write a Personal Care & Services Resume Education Section

An education section is an important component of a personal care & services resume because it shows the training that you have. While some applicants may have a high school diploma or a degree from a vocational training school, you may have an associate’s degree from an accredited college or university in health sciences. The more content you put in your education section, the more you will show hiring managers that you are ready for the job at hand.

What to Include in a Personal Care & Services Resume Education Section

You must always put the most recent school you attended in a personal care & services resume education section, even if you dropped out. It is not necessary to include your GPA or the dates you attended unless you are a recent graduate. However, the name of the diploma or degree you earned is necessary, and if your degree is in progress, indicate that as well. Hiring managers will also want to know whether you completed any certifications while in school. The top things an education section should highlight include:

  • CPR or first aid training/certification
  • healthcare or health sciences courses you took
  • certificates in fields such as medical assisting or nursing assisting
  • internships you completed in hospitals or medical facilities

How to Format a Personal Care & Services Resume Education Section

When writing a personal care & services resume, always use some type of header to divide between sections. Put the word “Education” at the top of this section. Make it easy for hiring managers to see the content they want with two lines at the top that show the school you attended, its location, the degree you have and your graduation or expected graduation date. Creating a list with bullet points helps them quickly see the qualifications you have and achievements you earned without searching for those details. Though you can use as many bullet points as you would like, stick to around six or less.

Example of a Personal Care & Services Resume Education Section

The education section you include in a personal care and services resume should look similar to the one that follows.EducationLos Angeles Community College-Los Angeles, CAAssociate of Applied Science in Health Sciences, 2014

  • Cumulative GPA of 3.7/4.0 and health sciences GPA of 3.9/4.0
  • Completed coursework in healthcare ethics, medical laws, fundamentals of healthcare and emergency medicine
  • Obtained a certificate in medical assisting
  • Finished a semester long internship at Los Angeles City Hospital
  • Received CPR training certification from the American Red Cross


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