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Personal Care & Services

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How to Write a Personal Care & Services Resume References Section

They’re not traditionally attached to resumes, but understanding when and how to include references in a personal care & services resume can be an important step in securing an interview. The personal care industry involves trust and caring, and having references ready to speak about you in regard to these qualities is beneficial. Ready access to a list of individuals who speak highly of your character can be a tremendous benefit during the hiring process.

When Should You Include Professional References in a Personal Care & Services Resume

Read the job posting carefully. Some listings will request references or specifically mention not to include references. In these cases, do as requested. In other situations, use your judgement. If you have outstanding personal care and services references or the listing mentions that references should be available, add them to your resume.

How to Include Professional References in a Personal Care & Services Resume

Your goal is to make your qualifications stand out for the hiring manager. Just as your personal care and services resume should clearly detail your qualifications for the position, the reference list should contain everything the hiring manager needs to easily contact your references. Include each individual’s name, job title, company, address, email address and phone number. Double check that all contact information is current. If you decide against including references, Don’t write “References Available Upon Request” on your resume.

Example of Professional References in a Personal Care & Services Resume

Jean Smith, Director, Sunset Assisted Living, 18 Walters Street, Charleston, WV. (304)555-1212 (office).

Tips for Providing Professional References to a Hiring Manager

  • References should be on their own page. Title the top of the page “Reference List” and then list each reference.
  • Unless the job posting specifically states something different, use 3 or 4 references. Only include references on your personal care and services resume that you are confident will give you a solid endorsement. A lackluster reference is hard to get past, regardless of how well you interview.
  • Always contact potential references first, that way they know to expect a call about you and will be prepared. This also gives them the opportunity to catch up on your career and refresh their memory if you haven’t worked with them recently.
  • Select references who are well-spoken, as they will generally do a better job of selling your strong points to a potential employer. Your strongest references are people you have worked with most recently who are in positions that will garner respect from the hiring manager, and are prepared to be contacted.
  • Ideal references include individuals who supervised you directly, others higher up the chain of command, and healthcare professionals who observed you in the workplace.


Including references in a personal care & services resume is just one way of tweaking your application to make it its best. Using the Resume Builder at MyPerfectResume is a great way to put together a winning resume.