Personal Care & Services

Personal Care & Services

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How to Write a Personal Care & Services Resume Work Experience Section

The purpose of providing your job history is to demonstrate your personal care & services resume work experience. Hiring managers need to see this information to gain insight into your strengths as a potential employee. Learning to write a work experience section with teeth can help put your resume over the top.

What to Include in a Personal Care & Services Resume Work Experience Section

Focus on achievements, not necessarily your duties and tasks. Thoroughly survey your work history beginning with the most recent and working backward a maximum of 15-20 years. Make sure to include dates of employment and the cities and states of companies you worked for. Include as much quantifiable information as you can to add context to your accomplishments.

How to Format a Personal Care & Services Resume Work Experience Section

First list your job title, then add the dates you were employed on the same line—or you can place that information after employer details. Employment dates can be provided as the month and year or just the year, but you must pick one format or the other and use it consistently. Include the employer name, city, and state on its own line. Describe your accomplishments in a bulleted list, aiming for five to eight examples. Write your achievements in present tense for your current employer and in past tense for all prior positions.

Example of a Personal Care & Services Resume Work Experience Section

Personal Care AssistantSherilyn McFay, Los Angeles, CA2010 to 2016

  • Cooked breakfast, lunch, dinner, and healthy snacks daily for the client
  • Laundered and folded clothing, linens and towels once each week
  • Organized client medications and helped ensure that it was taken each morning and evening
  • Helped client schedule medical appointments and provided transportation to and from appointments up to three times per month
  • Completed housekeeping duties, including organizing mail, cleaning surfaces, washing dishes, scrubbing bathrooms, light gardening and washing cars
  • Groomed client as necessary after assisting with dressing and hygiene
  • Spoke to medical professionals about dietary needs in order to make daily meals more nutritious
  • Engaged client in activities and conversation


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