Personal Care & Services

Personal Care & Services

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How to List Personal Care & Services Resume Certifications and Training

Though a personal care & services resume certifications and training section’s appearance will vary based on the number of certifications you hold, it is one that should always be included when you have the right information. This specific section is highly received by hiring managers for the personal care & services industry because it objectively showcases the level of knowledge you have regarding the position you’re seeking. In addition, you can use these to negotiate a better salary and set you apart from someone else applying for the same job but who doesn’t have any training whatsoever.

What Kind of Certifications and Training Should You List on Your Personal Care & Services Resume

Before you add anything to a personal care & services resume certifications and training section, you should know that just because you have certifications and training doesn’t mean they should be included. Like all parts of a resume, what you list needs to be specific to the job in question, otherwise it’s just a waste of space. Here are some questions to consider.

  • Is the certification or training related to the position you’re applying for? If not, it’s best to not list the training at all. If, for instance, you are a certified makeup artist, this will do nothing for you on an application to become a fitness trainer. Instead, you’ll want to include things like fitness certification, diet certification and any training you’ve done with respected professionals in the field.
  • How many certifications do you have? If the number is below three, add them to your education or skills section. This will save space, allowing to you put emphasis in other sections that can be fleshed out further.
  • Is the training or certification related to the job at hand? If so, even if it isn’t directly apart of the job title, it can still work to your advantage as it shows that you understand there are more than one set of responsibilities for a job.

How to Format a Personal Care & Services Resume Certifications and Training Section

Assuming you have more than three additions to a personal care & services resume certifications and training section that are relevant, this section gets its own header that should be formatted like the other headers on the resume. Place it higher up than the more unrelated information but after your experience section unless you have a noteworthy collection. If so, it could work to your advantage to place this up top in a prominent position. Include the name of the credentials, what organization awarded it, any acronyms associated with it and the date it was received or the dates you’ve held the title. These are put in list form and ordered chronologically starting with the most recent.

Example of a Personal Care & Services Resume Certifications and Training Section

American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Exercise Physiologist Certification (2015)American Council on Exercise (ACE) Personal Trainer Certification (2015)American Council on Exercise (ACE) Health Coach Certification (2014)Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA) Personal Fitness Certification (2014)Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA) Group Ex Instructor Certification (2014)


Depending on your career path, it could be to your advantage to start qualifying for related certifications as a means of bolstering your current abilities. Even without them, though, create a standout resume with MyPerfectResume’s Resume Builder that will get you noticed by all the right hiring managers.