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Personal Care & Services

Personal Care & Services

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How to Write a Personal Care & Services Resume Objective

Job hunters often have questions regarding resume writing, and you may wonder such things as how to properly write a personal care & services resume objective. It used to be that an objective statement was an essential part of every resume; however, this relic has gone by the wayside in favor of the resume summary statement. A summary statement is more in-depth than an objective in that it offers useful information about what you can do for the employer rather than what you are looking for in a job and what you hope to gain from your employment with the company.

How You Used to Write a Personal Care & Services Resume Objective

In the past, your personal care & services resume objective would simply inform the employer of the kind of position you desired, along with the type of work environment you were seeking, making it of little value to the company or business you needed to impress. For instance, a resume objective might state you are seeking a position as a home health aide with an agency that serves senior citizens in the local community. Another example might be you are looking for a hairstylist position in a busy, high-end salon in order to showcase your creative skills and gain quality clientele. In reality, this type of information is not especially important to hiring staff. Instead, you want to offer information about the attributes you can bring to the job so the owner or hiring manager will be eager to call you in for a job interview.

How to Write a Personal Care & Services Resume Summary Statement

Like the personal care & services resume objective, a summary statement leads with the resume’s content at the top following the heading. A well-written summary statement includes a few short sentences that allow prospective employers to see the ways in which you are best qualified for the gig. The resume summary statement should:

  • Offer the top skills, accomplishments and characteristics that are most relevant to the job or industry for which you are applying
  • Share past career strengths that showcase transitional skills or sharing your knowledge
  • Be written in paragraph format
  • Use sentence fragments when necessary
  • Be limited to four or six lines
Example of How to Write a Personal Care & Services Resume Summary Statement

Include two to three major skill sets, soft skills and personality traitsFor example, a quality resume summary statement in the personal care and services sector might state:Childcare professional with a strong academic background in classroom management, lesson planning and child development. Creative approach to learning, with an emphasis on utilizing unique learning styles. Well-versed in written and oral communication with key stakeholders, including parents, administrators and colleagues. Nurturing and compassionate approach, able to de-escalate outbursts with ease.


These tips should provide you with a good start toward writing a stellar personal care & services resume objective that includes a strong summary statement to show potential employers the value you can bring to their organizations. However, if you are feeling a bit unsure of your ability to craft a resume that brings results, check out MyPerfectResume’s Resume Builder for guidance that is sure to help you to quickly develop a quality resume that gets you noticed and leads you to the job of your dreams.