Personal Care & Services

Personal Care & Services

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How to Write a Personal Care & Services Resume Summary Statement

You may be familiar with the resume objective in which you state the kind of position you seek. For the most part, this tool has gone by the wayside except in specific situations and has been replaced with the more valuable resume summary statement. A personal care & services resume summary statement is a short paragraph listing your most relevant skills, and it shows prospective employers what you can offer their company and why they would want to hire you over the competition.

What to Include in a Personal Care & Services Resume Summary Statement

Your resume summary statement should include a bit about your overall job-related experience and specific skills or knowledge you possess related to your industry, as well as qualities that lend themselves to the position for which you’re applying. Those in the personal care & services industry might want to include such things as:

  • Certifications or licenses
  • A niche specialization
  • Personality traits that complement the position
  • Job-specific skills
  • Awards or honors earnedSo if you are a hair stylist who has completed additional training to stay on top of the newest trends, be sure to list the class you completed or the certificate you earned. If you’re new to the field or have no direct working experience, focus on emphasizing transferable skills or academic knowledge you can bring to the position.

How to Format a Personal Care & Services Resume Summary Statement

A resume summary statement shouldn’t be long or complicated. You only need to write between four to six lines in paragraph form in a concise manner that gets right to the point. Don’t worry about sentence fragments; they are perfectly alright in this case, but avoid using first-person pronouns. Recruiters and HR professionals may receive countless employment packets, so you want to be sure the first thing they see on your resume is both meaningful and easy to scan. List the information that is most likely to impress them and make them want to hire you.

Tips for Writing a Personal Care & Services Resume Summary Statement

When creating your summary, consider including the following:

  • Skills you want to utilize
  • Experience that is most relevant to the position
  • Unique qualities you can offer the employer
  • What the hiring agent would most want to knowIt’s important to offer as much value as possible to the potential employer, but you can include skills that drive your passion as long as they are related to those needed on the job.
Example of a Personal Care & Services Resume Summary Statement

The following resume summary statement may help to get your own ideas flowing:Professional child care worker with more than five years of dedicated experience. Certified in First Aid and Safety, CPR and Sanitation. Proven classroom management skills. Creative lesson plan design that integrates various learning styles. Strong communication skills in order to keep parents, administrators and colleagues informed of important developments.


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