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How to Include Professional References in a Retail Resume

The idea of including references in a retail resume is generally frowned upon today because most people you knew in the past do not want their information given to others. They might find themselves receiving dozens of phone calls every day after you list your resume online. There are, however, some exceptions when you should include references.

When Should You Include Professional References in a Retail Resume

In general, the only time you want to include professional references when applying for a retail position is when the job description requires a list of references or when an employer asks you to bring your references to an interview. After going through a phone interview, the manager you speak with may schedule an in-person interview and ask that you bring a list of your references with you. Instead of adding your references to your application or resume, you should create a separate page that you submit to interviewers when you meet in person.

How to Include Professional References in a Retail Resume

When you need to provide references, use a separate sheet of paper with the same layout and format as your resume. Keep the sheet handy so you can furnish it immediately when interviewing. Do not put “References available upon request” on your resume. This is a given.

Example of Professional References in a Retail Resume

Check out the following retail resume references example to see the best way to format one of these sections.
John Doe
Store Supervisor
24 Hour Convenience
156 Dayton Street
New Cityland, CA 12345
(555) 987-6543

Tips for Providing Professional References to a Hiring Manager

  • Talk with your references beforehand to get their permission and alert them when you add their names to your resume.
  • Always contact your references when you apply for a new job to let them know that they may receive a phone call or email.
  • If a specific reference spends a lot of time working in other departments or outside the store, consider using his or her cell phone number instead of a work number.
  • When including any type of personal reference, always make note of your relationship in the reference section and outright state it is not a professional reference.
  • Some professional references you should use in the retail industry include your direct supervisor, the store manager and any district or regional managers you worked with before.


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