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How to Write a Retail Resume Certifications and Training Section

A retail resume certifications and training section is designed to show future employers what you have to offer by adding your most relevant credentials to your resume. If you are already certified at certain tasks and possess certain skills that hiring managers are looking for, you are going to be a front runner for the job. See how you can add credentials that add depth to your resume and leave hiring mangers excited to meet you.

What Kind of Certifications and Training Should You List on Your Retail Resume

Having the right credentials is one of the best ways to get the attention of potential employers, especially if the job you want requires specific training. You want to be sure to add the cerifcations and training that will help make you a leader in the retail industry. You can add customer service and sales certification or discuss if you are LP Certified. Discover which achievements you can add to this section and which you should leave off by considering the following:

  • Think about the locations where you gained your credentials.
  • Ask yourself which certificates will most impress your future hiring managers.
  • Remember the dates that you gained your credentials.

How to Format a Retail Resume Certifications and Training Section

Writing a good retail resume certifications and training section that will make you outshine the competition is easy. To begin with, this section is only needed if you have three or more credentials to list. If you have just one or two certifications to list, you can place them in the education or skills section of your resume. If you do separate this section, it should be placed adjacent to the education section, unless it contains necessary or very impressive training. In that case, consider placing it higher on the resume. You want to add the title of your credential, its acronym, and the date you received it.

Example of a Retail Resume Certifications and Training Section

Loss Prevention Certified LPC, Loss Prevention Foundation, 2015Certified Purchasing Professional or CPP, The American Purchasing Society, 2013Certified Professional Sales Person CPSP, NASP, 2011


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