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How to Write a Retail Resume Education Section

The education section of your resume shows the type of degree or diploma you have and where you went to school. While some think it’s not that important on a retail resume, employers still want to know if you have familiarity working with large groups of people and whether you have good math skills. Whether you have a GED, a high school diploma, a college degree or are in the middle of a college program, you still need a retail resume education section.

What to Include in a Retail Resume Education Section

The retail resume education section should state the name of your degree, where you received it and your graduation date if recent or the future date of your graduation if you’re still in school. Other education tidbits you might list can include whether you were in the honors society, any memberships you had and class positions you held. For example, working as a treasurer shows that you have good money handling skills, and being in the debate or drama club shows that you have strong public speaking skills. You Don’t need to list your GPA unless you just graduated, but you can mention honors such as summa cum laude. Don’t include high school information unless it’s the only academic experience you have.

How to Format a Retail Resume Education Section

A retail resume education section should feature an Education header at the top and sit close to the bottom of the resume. If you Don’t have much of a job history, then the education section can go before work experience. Put the name of your degree/diploma and graduation date or projected graduation date in the very first line and put the school name, city and state in the second line. Begin with the most recent entry and then go in backwards chronological order. Try to give hiring managers at least three details about your time in school and any other special training, internships or licenses you obtained.

Example of a Retail Resume Education Section

While you do not need a college degree to work in the retail field, you will still need to look at an example of this section to see how to explain the education you do have.EducationBachelor of Science in Business, 2015West Los Angeles Community College-West Los Angeles, CA

  • GPA of 3.8 on a 4.0 scale
  • Graduated with honors and with membership in the honors society
  • Active in drama club and appeared in more than six productions
  • Member of the debate team, which finished second in a nationwide competition
  • Elected class treasurer for four straight years


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