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How to Write a Retail Resume Honors and Awards Section

When writing your retail resume, you may not consider adding an honors and awards section. The retail resume honors and awards section is usually not mandatory or found on most resumes, and it is generally best for those who want to highlight some of their accomplishments that don’t fit into other sections of their resumes. Your honors and awards section gives real data and content that shows hiring managers some of the skills other employers recognized in the past and why you’re a good fit for that company.

Should You Include a Retail Resume Honors and Awards Section?

The best time to include a retail resume honors and awards section is when you are the winner of multiple awards or have multiple achievements you want to mention. Keep in mind that you can divide this section into two categories to showcase your achievements on the job and your honors and/or awards. If you have just one item you want to highlight, it’s often best to work that into either your education section or your work experience area. Things you should mention in an honors and award section include awards you received on the job, recognition from employers and scholarships you received.

How to Format a Retail Resume Honors and Awards Section

You should list your retail resume honors and awards section last, and format the section with a bolded title at the top and bullet points below, making sure you include at least three bullet points. Use just one bullet point for each item you want employers to read. If you have a list of accomplishments, such as the number of sales you made or the amount you helped a previous employer save, include that information in a separate section you list underneath the honors and awards in a list titled accomplishments. Once you’re done drafting the section, make sure you look over it to make sure there aren’t any simple mistake with your grammar or word usage.

Example of a Retail Resume Honors and Awards Section

The retail resume honors and awards section may consist of just one title at the top or two titles that differentiate between your honors/awards and achievements. Consider the following example to see how this works, noting that you can adjust yours as needed:

Honors and Awards

  • Six-time Employee of the Month winner
  • Dean’s List at New Cityland Community College for four consecutive semesters
  • Sam Walton Scholarship Award winner


  • Successfully increased membership in company’s loyalty rewards program by six percent
  • Identified a shoplifting ring that reduced store thefts by five percent
  • Consistently processed sales of more than $10,000 during eight-hour shifts


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