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How to Write a Retail Resume Objective

In the past, those applying for retail positions that required a resume often found themselves tasked with writing a retail resume objective. This was a short statement that explained the type of job they wanted, where that job would lead and some of the duties they expected to do on the job. The professional retail world today no longer requires an objective statement, and most employers view that section as outdated, since you can get some of the same information across and let prospective employers know more about you with a summary statement.

How You Used to Write a Retail Resume Objective

The old format for a retail resume objective was generally basic in nature. After writing “objective” at the top, you included one sentence that described the job you applied for and some of the keywords or duties found in the job listing. An objective statement often listed the type of retail work you wanted to do, whether you wanted to work with customers and if you preferred working specific hours. Learn more about the differences between an objective section and a summary section with a look at the retail resume objective samples below: Searching for a retail position that involves working directly with customers, using new forms of technology on the job and improving the reputation of the employer over the long term.Seeking a position within a retail corporation that improves the satisfaction and experience of customers, engages with potential customers and increases sales at the lower level.

How to Write a Retail Resume Summary Statement

While a retail resume objective objective focuses on the future, a retail resume summary statement focuses more on the past. In just four to six lines, this section lets you create a quick overview of your history that makes hiring managers want to read the rest of your resume. You should put this section directly below your contact information, include a bold header and use dynamic keywords that relate to the job, including customer satisfaction oriented, accounting/math skills and friendly or outgoing. Though you may have some troubles figuring out what to include and what to leave out of a statement, you can get a good idea of what a retail summary should look like in the following example: Dependable and trustworthy cashier with more than six years’ experience working in retail sales. Committed to working with customers to leave a good impression in their minds, skilled at using point of sale systems and adept at using suggestive sales methods to increase credit card applications and the number of loyalty card users.


While your resume should include your experience and skills, you’ll also want to have a summary statement that gives employers a reason to learn more about you. Using a retail summary statement is a better way to get the attention of readers than an objective statement, so try the online resume builder at MyPerfectResume to create your retail summary statement and all other sections of your resume.