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How to Write a Retail Resume Skills Section

Retail workers are responsible for numerous tasks every day, including answering customer questions, negotiating cash and credit card transactions, and bagging the shopper’s merchandise. Including a skills section in your written resume is an excellent way to draw your potential employer’s attention to this expertise you possess. In fact, hiring managers often read the retail resume skills section last to keep the information fresh in their minds.

Should You Include a Skills Section in Your Retail Resume?

The biggest argument against including a skills section in a retail resume is that you might find yourself listing the same skills on the application for the job or notating skills that you did not utilize in your previous work experience. Keep in mind, however, that listing all skills, whether they relate to previous jobs or not is important, as these additional abilities may be something that this employer desires. For example, when applying for a retail position, you can include public speaking you developed in college, customer service you gained as a volunteer, and accounting you picked up while helping a club in school.

What to Include in a Retail Resume Skills Section

One issue you might have when writing your retail resume skills section is what to list in this area versus what you mention into other sections. You can transfer information from your summary statement into your skills section, but you shouldn’t list content you placed underneath the duties you held in specific jobs. Stick to using tangible figures and exact responsibilities in the employment section and more general ability in the skills section. Top skills found on a retail resume might include:

  • Experience with loss prevention, including notifying security guards of shoplifters
  • Accuracy in processing orders and giving back change
  • Ability to handle stressful situations and offer solutions to customers
  • Stocking, merchandising and other duties you did away from the counter
  • Payment processing methods, including accepting credit cards or cash
Example of a Retail Resume Skills Section<

Writing a high-quality retail resume and its related skills section is easier when you view the sample below for help.Skills

  • The ability to maintain a positive and helpful personality when working shifts of eight hours or longer
  • Experience in cash registers and point-of-sale systems to process payments via cash, check, credit card or debit card
  • Customer service desk experience, including processing returns and answering all customer questions
  • Rearranging store shelves to highlight new merchandise
  • Installing signs to alert and inform customers of new sales at the start of each week


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