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How to Write a Retail Resume Summary Statement

Using a summary statement on your resume is the best way to showcase your experience and get employers interested in reading each section in your resume. While some job seekers still use the old-fashioned objectives area, most retail employers would rather see a simple statement at the top of the page. This simple paragraph does an excellent job selling any retail or sales experience you have and adds significant value to your resume.

What to Include in a Retail Resume Summary Statement

A summary statement generally includes a few sentences or sentence fragments that specifically highlight key skills and talents you have while giving a brief overview of your experience. Some things you may want to mention in a retail resume summary statement include the following:

  • Experience you have processing sales via debit cards, credit cards, check and cash
  • The average length of your shifts, especially if you worked longer eight to 10 hour shifts
  • The average sales that you recorded in a typical hour or shift
  • Management or training experience you have
  • Whether you have knowledge of stores’ loyalty programs or credit cardsAlways keep in mind that your own summary will be different from anyone else’s because your experience and skills are different. Focus on those differences as you create your unique summary.

How to Format a Retail Resume Summary Statement

Unlike other parts of your resume that you can format in different ways, there is a basic format you should follow when writing a summary statement. Identify this section with summary or summary statement at the top of the page in bold. No matter your experience level, this portion of your resume should be between four and six lines long, and you should remember to remove all personal pronouns from the text. it’s a good idea to start the paragraph with your job title to give it focus from the start.

Tips for Writing a Retail Resume Summary Statement

Make use of the following writing tips when you need to create a resume summary statement:

  • Include qualifications you have in the retail world in the second and third lines.
  • Make a list of the top four pieces of information you want employers to focus on in your resume and include those in the statement.
  • Use terms such as customer service, problem solver and trainer to grab the reader’s attention.
  • If you have more experience, include a quick note in the opening line that you worked in retail for two years or more.
  • Use metrics whenever possible to show the number of customers you worked with, sales that you made or any improvements you made to the business.
Example of a Retail Resume Summary Statement

Friendly and outgoing retail sales professional with strong customer service skills and knowledge of loyalty/rewards programs. Capable of informing customers about those programs and using suggestive selling to increase the average daily sales of the shop by 23 percent. Team player with a strong commitment to the company and the ability to work longer shifts when necessary.


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